AEC Design Training

AEC Design Training

We know that investing in skill development is currently one of the best business decisions. It ensures a competitive advantage, enables expanding service portfolios, and is an international testament to the skills possessed, allowing you to reach a broader range of potential clients. At AEC Design Training Center, we provide expert knowledge, the latest industry trends, and practical solutions backed by experience – all delivered in an accessible and understandable way by our trainers.


For 7 years, we have been training specialists, designers, engineers, and individuals undergoing career transitions. Over 7,000 participants have already trusted us, gaining knowledge during 1,100 training sessions.

Up-to-date knowledge

Our training programs are constantly updated following Autodesk guidelines and market dynamics. This allows us to address current issues and find real solutions to our trainees’ problems.

Top instructors

AEC Design trainers are Certified Application Engineers with specialized knowledge, practical tool skills, and years of experience in their respective fields.

Learning comfort

Our training sessions take place in small, intimate groups of 4 to 8 participants, ensuring constant interaction with the trainer. Additionally, for most courses, you can choose between in-person or online formats. We do everything to provide you with the highest level of comfort during your learning experience.

Highest quality

Our training quality is guaranteed by international certificates and specializations.

We are an Authorized Autodesk Training Center, ensuring that our trainees receive an International Autodesk Certificate. We hold the status of an Authorized Autodesk Certification Center, enabling participation in international Autodesk Professional exams.

The highest level of service is confirmed by the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) Quality Certificate.

Our Training Center is registered in the official Register of Training Institutions (RIS no. 2.14/00028/2012).

What will you gain by choosing AEC Design training?

A competitive edge in the job market, with formal validation of your skills.

An International Autodesk Certificate recognized by employers worldwide.

Access to a knowledge base of additional materials and exercises.

The opportunity for further certification at the Professional level.

Open Training

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Custom Training

We also invite you to take advantage of AEC Design’s custom training services

As part of our personalized approach to this type of service, we prepare an individual offer tailored to the needs of our clients, which includes:

  • Program and thematic scope,
  • Group size,
  • Training schedule and location


All courses, training sessions, and workshops are conducted by Certified Application Engineers from AEC Design – practitioners specializing in their respective fields.