BIM Consultancy and BIM Manager Service

BIM Consultancy and BIM Manager Service

BIM Manager support is a package of cyclical consultations during which our consultant engineers work on one project and coordinate the newly implemented team in the entire scope of work on the BIM model. Our delegated BIM Manager can work with the team on a daily basis throughout the life of the investment project.

If the team is more self-contained and the scale of the project is smaller, the BIM Manager can lead weekly meetings where they will check the BIM models, answer ongoing questions and recommend best practice based on AEC Design’s experience.

The BIM Manager represents the interests of our clients in the formulation and fulfilment of information exchange requirements in the BIM process. The service supports all participants in the investment process in areas related to the BIM methodology.

Scope of consultation

We offer comprehensive support on all issues related to the BIM methodology. During a consultation, our BIM Manager can help your team with the following topics:

  • Implementing BIM in your organisation
  • Creating the BIM requirements and plan
  • BIM modelling
  • Dedicated Dynamo scripts or applications for Revit
  • Support during implementation
  • BIM Manager service
  • Technical support in topics related to BIM methodology
  • Software training
  • Purchase of new software or hardware
  • Marketing and sales
  • Creation of scenes in virtual reality
  • Visualisations
  • Facility management
  • Assistance in the selection of management systems
  • Integration of models into management systems

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