BIM modelling

BIM modelling

BIM modelling is based on the creation of a digital model of the project, which, in addition to the 3D representation itself, gives access to information such as element identification, material or quantity data. Using BIM models, errors and inconsistencies in the project can be identified and avoided at the execution stage.

How do you carry out BIM modelling?

Depending on your resources and expertise, BIM modelling can be carried out in-house, by involving external specialists in the project, or completely outsourced.

Our engineers are uniquely experienced in creating all types of BIM models based on flat documentation. We offer the development of as-built models both for the existing state based on the provided flat documentation and as-built models based on the provided 2D documentation or on a point cloud.

We produce models with complete professionalism using international modelling standards. They can have any structure and any parameters required by the client.

We prepare models for coordination, scheduling, costing or visualisation.

Scope of service: