Customer Success

Customer Success

The implementation of the Customer Success strategy in our company is, on the one hand, a structuring of the processes and values that have accompanied us for years, while on the other hand, a reflection of the direction we want to take. We believe that a partnership relationship based on understanding is the foundation of business success. That's why we prioritize defining needs and identifying growth opportunities in our partner's business. Our distinctive proactive attitude and commitment revolve around answering the question: what is your definition of success?

What is the Customer Success strategy?

Customer Success strategy aims to achieve and maximize the success of our partners and develop their business potential. Our specialists work to understand the company’s situation and needs in order to accurately identify challenges and develop a dedicated business plan.

Additionally, the Customer Success department supports our customers in onboarding new software and prepares materials tailored to the individual’s level of sophistication so that everyone can expand their knowledge and achieve their own business goals with it. We effectively engage users in the efficient use of products, making sure they reap all possible benefits.

We accompany our customers at every stage of development, analyzing all possibilities, and we recommend new solutions based on a deep understanding of their needs.

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As part of Customer Success activities, you will get access to a closed section where you will find:

Onboarding – video materials for new users of Autodesk tools.

Updated database of materials developed by our experts.

Support in obtaining Autodesk ………….(akceleratorów) – confirming the level of your skills.

Preparation based on our Qu0026A experience with Autodesk subscription management.

Support in the manufacturer’s service.

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In addition, we have prepared for our customers:

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