HILL INTERNATIONAL is implementing a central repository for storing and managing project documentation.

In collaboration with investor EcoPet and designers from UNISM, Hill International has decided to implement and manage the documentation for the “Zakład Produkcji Nakrętek” investment in the cloud.

The aim of this implementation was to facilitate communication, provide easy access to documentation, streamline approval processes, and monitor progress.

The provision and implementation of Autodesk Docs by AEC Design has improved the documentation management process and allowed Hill International to align with the standards of other participants in the construction process.

Changing habits is the biggest barrier when implementing new technologies.

UNISM design studio has been proficient in BIM for a long time, and it was the driving force behind the change and investment in cloud services. The designers needed advisory, cost-related, and investor oversight support from Hill International. Therefore, they recommended Autodesk Docs as the most optimal and efficient solution at this stage of collaboration.

In the cloud, documents, 2D and 3D drawings are stored, and the model is updated with all the details.

Users overwrite files with the same name to enable the viewing of older, initial, and subsequent versions.

Comparison works for both designs and documentation/material requests or workshop projects.

“The program is very intuitive; it can be learned and implemented quickly. Currently, 90% of all actions related to this project’s contract are conducted on the Autodesk Docs platform. We also have correspondence flow and document exchange in the cloud.”

Marcin Orzeł, Project Manager at Hill International.