Creating and modeling Revit libraries

Creating and modeling Revit libraries

Having prepared product families in the Revit application simplifies the way they are presented and made available to other industries. The ability to download the appropriate files directly from the client’s website greatly facilitates the work of designers and encourages them to choose products from a specific manufacturing company. An efficient design process also encourages investors, and gathering all elements in a single overlay creates an efficient and elegant package – user-friendly (hyperlink). An additional advantage is improved collaboration within the client’s company, especially if it has both a production department and a design department.

Creating and modeling libraries with AEC Design.

When designing a product family in Revit, the following aspects related to modeling should be considered, depending on the type and scope of the block:

  • The specific manufacturer parameters that the family should have, taking into account factors such as size, material, color, type, model, cost, etc.
  • Whether the parameters are meant to be changeable or fixed.
  • The level of detail at which the object family should be represented.
  • The format in which the object type series will be presented.

Unique value that distinguishes the product from others available on the Internet.

  • As an Autodesk Gold Partner, we have access to the latest and up-to-date knowledge regarding the capabilities of Revit software and its functionalities.
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  • We have a dedicated programming department capable of fulfilling any Manufacturer’s request. Among Autodesk Partners, we are the leader in BIM implementations in Poland.
  • We have been gaining experience in this field for 8 years, specializing in BIM design and expanding our team of experts.
  • Our experts, like few others in the market, know how a block should be built in Revit software.
  • We create custom-made blocks in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • -We cooperate with the largest construction and contracting companies in Poland.