Method of Contacting Customer Technical Support

Technical support for Autodesk software includes the contact options listed in the table below, without distinction based on the support plan. However, priority is given to customers with active subscriptions and customers with network licenses. In all cases, the first required step for users to contact support is to fill out the form available on our website.


From November 2, 2020, Autodesk expands access to its products for all customers using subscriptions and maintenance plans to the last 5 versions (excluding educational licenses). However, support will only be available for the last 3 versions and earlier.

*Perpetual licenses receive support for installation and activation trials, but not for resolving existing issues related to functionality or missing features compared to higher software versions.

Scope of Support Topics

Technical support for Autodesk software includes resolving issues related to the topics visible in the table below:

Purchasing the productInquiries regarding orders, subscription options, renewals, and promotions
Autodesk account management, including teamsCreating accounts, logging in, assigning user access, managing subscriptions, contracts, and renewals
Product downloadsDownloading software versions, previous versions, service packs, and hotfixes
Installation and activationIssues with installation and uninstallation, serial numbers, and activation codes, using Autodesk applications
License managementManaging previous product versions, home use licenses, Transfer of License (TOL) procedures, license usage reporting
Software usage errors
Diagnosing issues not related to end-user skills
Working in the programSupport provided through paid consultations (350 PLN/hour net, billed every 15 minutes) if the assistance exceeds 15 minutes of consultant work.

General rules for technical support at AEC Design

Technical support is offered to subscribers for the current version and the three previous versions.

When contacting support, please follow these guidelines and please prepare the information required in the form beforehand to expedite problem identification, such as:

Outline of the problem (what it is about)

Nature of the problem (uniqueness/repeatability, area of the problem occurrence: 1 computer/1 user/multiple/others)

Circumstances of the problem occurrence (Windows update/software update/license borrowing/daily work/others)

Additional Information

Information about Paid Support

Information for Customers without an Active Subscription

Autodesk Software License Agreements for all software versions (End User License Agreement)

Autodesk License Terms of Use

Contacting Autodesk Support

Contacting Autodesk Support and accessing Autodesk resources on any of the topics below can be done independently using the provided links:

a) Phone support

b) Submitting service requests after logging in through the website

c) Chat with an Autodesk consultant

d) Finding solutions for specific product issues

e) Searching for solutions in the Autodesk knowledge base using keywords and filters

f) Autodesk software user forum

The change introduced in 2019 by Autodesk as part of their legal policy and business model change is related to the activation of perpetual products in older versions (in 2019, it affected versions 2010 and older). Specifically, any action performed on a workstation that results in a change of the internal ID of the computer (OS update, OS reinstallation, hardware changes, Autodesk software reinstallation, installation of a different service pack within versions 2010 or lower) will render the 2010 and older product versions unable to be activated successfully ever again. In 2022, this change extends to versions 2014 and older (from June 1, 2022).

What does this mean for customers?

How will customers be informed?

Check if your version is supported here.

Review the rules for supporting subscription and maintenance versions here.