Conversion of Trial to Subscription by the Account Admin

Conversion of Trial to Subscription by the Account Admin

If you initially started a trial version of Autodesk BIM Collaborate, BIM Collaborate Pro, Build, or Takeoff, and have recently purchased a subscription to one or more of these offerings, you need to convert your team and account to work on previously created projects.

To convert the trial version:

  1. After making the purchase, you will be redirected to the Autodesk Accounts page. From there, you can start the registration process in two ways:
  • From the Home page, click on your recently purchased product and select Access.
  • From the Products and Services page, choose your recently purchased product and select the Access Now option.

2. If you are an administrator for only one team and have one trial version, the conversion process is automatic, and you will be moved to your activated account. If you are an administrator for multiple teams, select the team you want to activate.

3. If you have multiple trial versions, choose the account you wish to convert, or create an account to remove trial projects and members.


Note: If your account was set up in the wrong region, you may want to create a new account. You can provide a name and region for the data to be hosted when creating the account. You cannot convert a trial project to a different data center.


Frequently Asked Questions about Account Conversion :

  • What will happen to my trial projects?
    • All projects created on your account will be automatically converted, except for the trial project.
  • What happens if I have only one team and one account?
    • Your trial account and its projects will be converted automatically.
  • I don’t see my trial account on the list, why?
    • You may not be the administrator of the trial account you are trying to convert. Ask another administrator to check if you have admin rights for that account.
    • Your trial has expired, and it cannot be converted anymore.
  • What should I do if the wrong trial was converted?
    • If the wrong trial was converted, please contact technical support.