Response to the Growing Complexity of Investments – BIM as the Future of Design
New Challenges

With the increase in property prices on the market, there are areas for investment that were not considered by investors before. As a consequence, the design process has become more complicated, intricate, and multifaceted. It also requires the involvement of a large number of participants and making important decisions in a short amount of time. Additionally, the SARS COVID-19 pandemic emerged, preventing live in-person meetings. RR Architects wanted to have the capability to create projects entirely in virtual reality and engage multiple designers simultaneously.

The priority became working directly from a secure home office and having real-time access to the project for efficient communication and swift decision-making.

RR Architects decided to collaborate with AEC Design to find solutions that would streamline work on demanding projects carried out by their team.

As a result of collaborating with AEC Design, the BIM Collaborate license along with Autodesk Revit was proposed. The RR Architects team received assistance in implementing these tools through training on Autodesk software.

The implementation process enabled multiple team members to have simultaneous access to the model in virtual reality, all from the comfort of their homes. Designers now have the ability to make informed decisions in real-time seamlessly and without any constraints.

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About RR Architects Studio

The architectural firm RR ARCHITEKCI was founded by two architects who happen to be twin brothers. For many years, they have formed a harmonious team, even though they developed their professional careers in different areas. Currently, they have joined forces to comprehensively support investors based on their accumulated experiences.

“With over 10 years of experience working with companies and public institutions, we design and advise in areas related to public, office, residential, industrial buildings, as well as historic structures. We create a digital twin – a virtual prototype of the investment. We utilize modern Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for better project and budget control, as well as to shorten project time and reduce implementation costs.” – Tomasz Rospędek, Owner | Chief Architect

By utilizing a single working environment, every participant in the process gains full visibility into the project at any stage, at any time, without leaving their homes. This mode of operation empowers the RR Architects team to make informed decisions efficiently and solve even the most complex problems. This is particularly crucial for challenging investments where designers need to make numerous choices each day. It also allows them to be independent of pandemic-related constraints.

Efficiently coordinating all team members is a challenge in complex projects. BIM Collaborate and the Autodesk Revit package help the RR Architects team meet these challenges by bringing all participants in the design process together and providing a shared information base. The process of analyzing individual stages in line with client requirements has also been facilitated.

Thanks to the implemented tools, the RR ARCHITEKCI design team has transitioned the design process into virtual reality. This has led to quicker decision-making, flexibility, smoother change implementation, improved decision-making efficiency, and project optimization.