BIM Engineers is an experienced team of talented designers and modelers specializing in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical installations. They have participated in 588 projects across three continents: Europe, North America, and Africa. BIM Engineers’ projects can be found in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, the USA, Libya, and the Seychelles. The company is based in Warsaw with a branch in London, UK.

The provided services aim to reduce risks and ensure project continuity. The company achieves this by utilizing BIM methodology for design, verification, testing, and project assessment.

“Through BIM modeling, we can realistically save 6-7% of actual construction costs.” – Maciej Iwaszko, Managing Director of BIM Engineers

The founders of BIM Engineers encountered BIM while working in Ireland for the first time. Recognizing the benefits of BIM methodology, they decided to establish their own company in Poland and implement BIM to meet the demands of the world’s most informed investors.

BIM ENGINEERS received a grant for the project “Optimization of design services through the implementation of AEC Collection technology” as part of the ARP S.A. – Open Innovation Network project. AEC Design was the software provider and was responsible for its implementation within the organization.


Investing in Autodesk software helped optimize and streamline the service process for designing and modeling plumbing, mechanical, and electrical installations for residential, office, and industrial properties, as well as building scanning and architectural modeling. Additionally, it resulted in budget savings and project revenue gains through service optimization. It contributed to the increase in sales of provided services and the company’s revenue growth.

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Challenges addressed by BIM:

Creating a BIM model involves organizing and systematizing all data related to a specific project. A shared information source ensures that each project participant knows how to execute it according to procedures and guidelines. During BIM audits, it facilitates conflict resolution and accountability identification. BIM modeling also assisted in early detection and resolution of construction clashes. The comprehensive, unified database in the BIM model also allows for determining access to equipment for service technicians, which is highly beneficial during the facility’s operational phase.

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