“Thanks to scripts written by us in Dynamo, we can draw, for example, all lintels in a building very quickly and in an automated way, describing structural elements. With a single click, we can generate all sections or elevations of walls.” – Jacek Grzelak, Chief Designer, Owner of JAKON Design Studio

Another step towards automation

After gaining a deeper understanding of Autodesk Revit and creating numerous 3D models in it, JAKON Design Studio, led by Jacek Grzelak, decided to further automate their work and implement Dynamo. By saving more time through Dynamo scripts, JAKON Design Studio can focus on optimally designing structures, which is crucial in their work.

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About JAKON Design Studio

JAKON Design Studio specializes in designing building structures in all project phases and provides services related to author’s supervision on construction sites and construction expertise. The ambitious team consists of 25 highly qualified civil engineers and designers. They design residential, office, public utility buildings, and engineering structures. The company works with cutting-edge BIM-supporting software (AEC Collection) and continuously enhances its employees’ skills. The main headquarters is located in Wrocław, with a branch in Rzeszów.


During the BIM implementation process, JAKON Design Studio collaborated with AEC Design, which provided AEC Collection licenses, conducted training in Autodesk software usage, and Dynamo script creation. The two companies have been collaborating for almost a decade.

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According to Jacek Grzelak, BIM has changed both the approach and the design process itself. This is because it allows for solving a much greater number of issues already in the conceptual phase. Working with BIM methodology has organized the entire process, demanding good planning from the very beginning. Well-developed 3D models (especially in terms of geometry) mean fewer changes in subsequent design phases for the company.

Challenges addressed by BIM

JAKON Design Studio, as a designer of building structures, is part of a larger design team that includes architects, installers, and electricians. They work together on projects that need to be safe, optimal, and tailored to the client’s needs. Efficiently coordinating all team members is a challenge, especially in complex projects. BIM methodology helps them meet this challenge by uniting all participants in the design process, providing a shared information base, and analyzing each stage according to client requirements.

BIM in the design process

Thanks to a unified data environment, each specialized designer creates their own 3D model, which is then combined into a multidisciplinary model. This approach not only streamlines work but also quickly detects clashes. This is particularly important in industrial projects where the quantity of installations, structures, and equipment is vast and geometrically complex, making 2D clash detection practically impossible.

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