Andrzej Chlebiński, the site manager at Budimex, presents the specifics of the currently developing residential complex Wola 01. Learn how BIM and the latest technologies are proving their worth on the construction site.

“We are on the Wola 01 investment, a development by Budimex Nieruchomości, and we, as the Budimex Group, are also the contractors.

This is a residential estate located near the city center, in the Wola district. In the background, you can see the first stage of construction, with the second stage to follow.

From the very beginning, the project was executed using BIM methodology. We also use Revit software on the construction site to preview the model and analyze structural and installation details. This significantly reduces the number of queries to the designer. Moreover, we can see that the project’s quality is higher than in previous projects where I worked with traditional 2D documentation.

Additionally, we use tablets, which give us access to the current documentation at all times, no matter where we are. Whether we’re in the garage, where there are many potential clashes that we can identify in advance, or on the floor where we’re inspecting the reinforcement and need to consider several design variations, including architectural details.

This saves us time we would otherwise spend preparing for inspections. Thanks to mobile devices, we have access to the current database and project, even showing devices on the roof slab that hasn’t been constructed yet (still in the concrete pouring phase). All the installation and technological passages, as well as masonry elements, are marked with a different color.”

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