The AEC Design specialists provided software and supported HellCold in its implementation and transfer of documentation to the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

HellCold Ltd. is an open and adaptable team delivering systems that ensure high-quality air within residential buildings and industrial facilities.

The company possesses its own design office as well as implementation and service departments. The team’s responsibility involves implementing modern and ergonomic ventilation and air conditioning systems—from the design phase, through installation on-site, to maintenance.

The challenge was to implement a simple and intuitive cloud platform for managing documentation in one place, involving the investor, the design office, and the facility’s contractor.

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Utilizing applications on devices assists installers in a clear and easy analysis of documentation on the construction site, helping them avoid errors and collisions during assembly. This, in turn, translates into efficient quality and work time.

Furthermore, with Autodesk Docs, savings on the specific project increased through communication optimization. Transparency was enhanced, and the volume of emails and information stored on personal computers was reduced.

Company HellCold’s 

The implementation of the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform has increased HellCold’s competitiveness by enabling rapid cost estimation of designed installations, among other benefits.

As the first step toward digital transformation, they introduced the BIM Collaborate Pro service, followed by expanding the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform with Autodesk Docs tools.

Currently, HellCold provides access to their projects on Autodesk Docs for investors, inspectors, subcontractors, and their employees, especially installation technicians on-site, using mobile devices (tablets) with the PlanGrid application.

This system has led to a symbiotic collaboration between designers and implementers, filling a gap that once existed.

The innovative integration of Autodesk Construction Cloud with their in-house ERP program (Microsoft Business Central) will accelerate the estimation process for designed mechanical ventilation, hydraulic, and electrical installations by HellCold.