Let’s talk about BIM, Partner segment with Golub GetHouse.

Hubert Kondracki, Technical Manager at Golub GetHouse:

“BIM is a modern way of managing building information. As investors and property managers, we noticed that having all project-related information in one model, one place, one software, is very convenient. Until now, we had cabinets full of documentation, containing designs, drawings, specifications, technical specifications, material cards, instructions, and similar information. It wasn’t very practical or efficient, and it took up quite a bit of space.

For our latest investment, Mennica Legacy Tower, we decided to implement the BIM methodology. This was done to aggregate all the information into one software and to easily export it to the software used by Facility Management. This way, FM will have all the necessary building information without any loss of data.

Mennica Legacy Tower is the first project we’re implementing with the BIM methodology, but we already know it won’t be the last. We plan to implement the BIM methodology in our next three investments as well.”

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