Let’s talk about BIM – Episode 4 with AEC Design Client Segment Partner: Strabag

“One of the topics currently being pursued by my company, in collaboration with Strabag, within the scope of BIM projects, is a hotel located on Tamka Street in Warsaw. This project follows the ‘design and build’ formula, which means that as the General Contractor, we are also responsible for producing the entire construction design. This execution design is being carried out 100% in BIM. We have a 3D model from which drawings (architectural floor plans, service plans) are generated. We also use the model for quantification, extracting quantities and values from the model.

We are also conducting clash detection in our 3D model. We employ the model to present various participants in the process with the entire building model, utilizing different animations, renderings, and images. We are also partially using the model in logistics planning, which is crucial in the tight urban development context of Tamka Street.

The applications of BIM are, of course, very diverse. As a construction corporation, as Strabag, we seek those that provide us with specific benefits, particularly in collaboration with our partners and investors.

From our experience, a timeliner, a short visualization, or an animation of the object always leaves a positive impression. Naturally, technologies change, software evolves, and we want to stay ahead of these innovations to remain a market leader. Nevertheless, the true strength of Strabag will always lie in the team.”