Let’s talk about BIM, Ground Floor segment with Pol-Con Consulting.

“Currently, we are working on a very interesting project involving a BIM model for the newly constructed building ‘Mennica Legacy Tower,’ being built by Warbud on behalf of Golub GetHouse. This will likely be the first such prestigious building in Poland entirely created in BIM, with LOD300 and 350 accuracy levels in some of the more complex areas.

We hope, or rather we are striving, because we have a team of several dozen people working on this, that it will truly reflect reality—meaning all elements will be based on families of real devices that will be used. The client is quite demanding and would like this BIM model to be subsequently used for the maintenance service of the facility. This means the model must include information in its families about when things need to be lubricated, cleaned, belts replaced, etc.”

Bogdan Zdzienicki, President of the Management Board at Pol-Con Consulting.”

Another of the Customer Stories: Mennica Tower by Golub GetHouse.