Programming makes it possible to implement many improvements to project work, or even more broadly to the entire construction industry. Thanks to the virtually unlimited possibilities of personalization of the developed solutions, it is an excellent way for companies that are looking for solutions tailored to their needs. In addition, programming allows us to touch on a topic often overlooked in conversations about improving project work – data security.

Developing unique tools for a company gives the opportunity to streamline work, helps save time and money, and increases the quality of services provided or products manufactured. Thus, it helps to build a competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction with cooperation, and subsequently establish lasting business relationships.

Dynamo script programming for applications is undoubtedly a solution to get all the above benefits.

Dynamo script programming for applications

More and more companies focused on standardization and looking for innovation appreciate the capabilities of Dynamo scripts. However, due to their individualized nature, they represent not only tool value, but also intellectual value, which is an equally important asset for a company. However, it is much more difficult to secure. And this is where the service of programming scripts into a standalone application comes to the rescue.

Security of your company’s know-how

The growing awareness of the need to protect intellectual property means that internal regulations are increasingly not enough protection. Creating autonomous applications is a kind of digital security.

This is especially important in such sensitive situations as the termination of a company’s relationship with an employee. Unification of work tools in the construction industry, despite the preponderance of advantages, carries the risk of a former employee taking out or recreating the tool. Dynamo script programming definitely makes it difficult to use the developed know-how outside the company’s headquarters. This is because the programming language and the ability to configure the tool in a new data environment becomes a barrier in such a situation.

What else can you gain?

Stabilization and user friendly

The overriding goal of Dynamo scripts is to streamline design work. Programming an application based on it is an improvement of the script itself, thanks to increasing its stability and speed. The created application is fully adapted to the mode of operation, for example, thanks to the possibility of creating a dedicated interface, which improves its implementation in the project team.

Multi-user configuration

If a group of users needs to share a Dynamo script, advanced configuration is required, close to creating an almost identical workstation on each workstation. This generates difficulties in maintaining a consistent working environment, as manual configuration for each user is required.

With standalone applications programmed under Revit, such a process is not necessary. The application refers directly to the program’s API, so managing it comes down only to unifying the Autodesk Revit version and updating, in case of a newer API version.