Reinforcement Modeling using Dynamo

Reinforcement Modeling using Dynamo

Participants will learn selected concepts and tools that, upon completion of the course, will provide a solid knowledge foundation for further development.

Training Objective:

Dynamo is an add-on for Autodesk Revit based on visual programming that enables data manipulation, geometry creation, exploring design options, process automation, and establishing connections between multiple applications. It provides designers with the ability to create logical sequences of actions in a user-friendly interface.

Detailed Training Program

Day One:

  • Introduction to Reinforcement in Revit
  • Leveling up in DYNAMO programming
  • Script for creating column reinforcement
  • Script for “bending rebars”

Day Two:

  • Surface reinforcement using the example of slab reinforcement – basic mesh
  • Dividing rebars with overlaps

Day Three:

  • Reinforcement of openings
  • “Throwing” rebars – generating rebar shapes along with descriptions.

Reinforcement Modeling using Dynamo

Number of hours: 21

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