GRUPA Sławomir Chełmiński Company

The company “GRUPA Sławomir Chełmiński” specializes in designing, certifying, and manufacturing electronic devices. They provide customized devices along with software, documentation, and packaging. All components and products are manufactured and tested in Poland. Over the past 10 years, they have designed 57 electronic devices that are currently sold in 64 countries.

Autodesk Fusion is used in GRUPA Sławomir Chełmiński for two types of projects: those that do not require generating G-code and those that are necessary for prototyping using numerically controlled machines.

An example of a product that reflects the comprehensive use of Fusion 360 modules is “Wrzutka” – a convenient locker with an application for all your shipments.

You can learn more about their product “Wrzutka” on their website:

Autodesk Fusion is proving to be effective at GRUPA Sławomir Chełmiński as a solution for internal innovation within the company and for prototyping, as well as for preparing output documentation for external suppliers. AEC Design provided the Fusion 360 software to the company.

The use of Autodesk Fusion reduces the number of iterations between design-model-prototype required to create the final version of a product and optimizes their results by 1/5 of the process of creating a complete electronic device solution.

As a result, the company reduces financial investments in the number of iterations since potential errors are identified in stages such as visual and rapid prototyping, including 3D printing, plotters, milling machines, and molds.